Changing the lives of those we serve.


Changing the lives of those we serve.

Resources. Peer Support. Social Events. Awareness. Changing lives!

Spina Bifida Wisconsin, Ltd (SBWIS) is a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. SBWIS operates independently from other national or state Spina Bifida organizations. SBWIS includes children and adults with Spina Bifida, as well as parents, guardians, family, friends, healthcare providers, and other supporters. Since 1987, SBWIS has been dedicated to helping families emotionally, educationally, and financially.



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Welcome new members Joshua, Rayner, Alec, and Jonathan



Welcome to SBFN Madison area families. Please complete the SBWIS contact form to officially join our statewide organization.


September Member of the Month is Jeremy of De Pere, WI! Jeremy is the youngest of 4 children and is the only boy in the family. As written by his mom, "I learned when I was 21 weeks pregnant that he had spina bifida. I did all the research I could and assembled a team of doctors we would need to bring him earth side as gently as possible. He spent only 9 days in the NICU and had 2 surgeries. We have had a lot of appointments, tests, and 2 more surgeries in his 2 years on earth. He has gone from a boy who would never walk to a boy who is starting to take assisted steps. I'm so thankful for the Zipzac. It gives him the freedom to chase his sisters and friends around the playground. He is a typical 2 year old who's favorite words are "no" and "mine". He loves to snuggle, throw his ball, and build legos with his sisters. I can't imagine our world without him." Jeremy is a Toddler on the Move!

September Member of the Month is 2 year old Jeremy from De Pere, Wisconsin

September Member of the Month is 2 year old Jeremy from De Pere, Wisconsin

SBWIS WISHES TO Thank these donors:

14th Annual Ella's Outing raised over $2,800.00 to benefit SBWIS

Ongoing donations from United Health Care Group, Aurora Health Care Employee Campaign and JC Penny employees.

Mary Ann Potts family donation for SBWIS scholarship fund

Family and friends remembering Nancy D. Verlon M. and Ben M.


save the date:

September 24 Horseback Riding at Three Gaits in Stoughton

October 14 Fall Harvest Fest at Zachariah's Acres from 12 to 3pm in Oconomowoc

October 28th Adaptive Rock Climbing Adventure Rock in Brookfield 12:15 to 2:30pm

November 10th 6 to 8pm Rocky's Pizza Night and Social in Madison

Lives changeD In 2017:

50 new members this year 

11 families through adaptive recreation funding for things like adaptive ski equipment, a bike, wheelchair basketball program and swim lessons

14 families through family fund assistance for kitchen modifications, medical expenses, and travel related to child's care

13 people through campership funding to attend many different kinds of camps