Changing the lives of those we serve.


Changing the lives of those we serve.

Resources. Peer Support. Social Events. Awareness. Changing lives!

Spina Bifida Wisconsin, Ltd (SBWIS) is a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. SBWIS operates independently from other national or state Spina Bifida organizations. SBWIS includes infants, children and adults with Spina Bifida, as well as parents, guardians, family, friends, healthcare providers, and other supporters. Since 1987, SBWIS has been dedicated to helping families emotionally, educationally, and financially.


December News:

#WISBaware and #WISBimpact

Welcome new members Hudson, Drake, Haset, Natalie and Laura!

Happy Holidays from SBWIS!

#WISB campaign:

Celebrate with SBWIS by sharing our Facebook & Twitter posts of how we are spreading awareness and impacting the lives of those we serve. Or use these hashtags in your own Facebook & Twitter posts #WISBaware and #WISBimpact throughout Oct, Nov and Dec. to build the SB community in Wisconsin. Watch for weekly emails on Tuesdays for stories of awareness and impact. Click HERE for the SBWIS Facebook page. Click HERE for the SBWIS Twitter page. 

SBWIS hopes to educate others about the unique needs of people with spina bifida, the challenges our families face, and the impact SBWIS can have to change the lives of those we serve. There are approximately 1,500 people (out of nearly 6 million) in Wisconsin affected by SB – that is 0.025% of the population; each is like a needle in a haystack! It is our job to find these people, and to provide support and services throughout their lives!

Search these hashtags to see how SBWIS spreads spina bifida awareness and impacts our members!

Search these hashtags to see how SBWIS spreads spina bifida awareness and impacts our members!

SBWIS WISHES TO Thank these donors:

Annual appeal donors: Andrew from West Bend, Doug & Karen from West Bend, Mike & Joan from New London, Richard & Diane from Watertown, NanRae from Pipestone, MN.

Ongoing donations from United Health Care Group, Aurora Health Care Employee Campaign and JC Penny employees.

Mary Ann Potts family donation for SBWIS scholarship fund and donations in memory of Scott Weaver

save the date:

SBWIS office will be closed from Dec. 22, 2017 to Jan. 2, 2018. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Lives changeD In 2017:

72 new members this year 

23 families through adaptive recreation funding for things like adaptive ski equipment, a bike, wheelchair basketball program and swim lessons

23 families through family fund assistance for kitchen modifications, medical expenses, and travel related to child's care

3 people through scholarships for higher education in memory of Mary Ann Potts

6 people through Toddlers on the Move

14 people through campership funding to attend many different kinds of camps